ASU members at Devonport City Council sent a strong message to management with a resounding NO VOTE to a low ball and complicated offer on their wages and conditions.

Council recorded a $4.67 million surplus this year.  Senior management received $927,799 in salaries in the last financial year. The General Manager received a 10.7% salary increase.

Meanwhile some of councils workers are amongst the lowest paid in the state for the work they do.

Council employees deliver key services to the community and unfair negotiations and low wages and conditions puts quality services to the community at risk.

Throughout negotiations for an Agreement Council have sought to bribe workers in a disingenuous claim that Council wanted to address the high cost of living pressures workers were facing offering a measly 2% wage top up this year but only if workers quickly voted yes to a further 3 years of low wage increases and bypassed genuine good faith negotiations.

Council clearly can and should recognise their employees with a top up wage increase immediately noting they received just 2% this year and have experienced wage freezes during the pandemic and low wage rises that have gone nowhere near keeping up with the cost of living over recent years.

The ASU welcomes management back to the bargaining table to genuinely listen to their workers concerns and fairly resolve this in the interest of getting back to the key role of delivering services to the community. This relies on having a skilled and fairly renumerated workforce.

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