Given the resignations of both indoor ASU delegates in recent months, the ASU is now looking to fill two ASU delegate positions to be responsible for representing members at the council offices and children’s services.

Currently there is a significant amount going on at Derwent Valley Council and we want to proceed with replacing these delegates as quickly as possible.

Debbie Hutchinson has, this week, submitted a nomination to fill one of these roles. Given her experience in the HR role at Council, the support she has provided many ASU members over recent years and her change in roles out of the HR space we believe that she would have significant support from members to fill this position.  We ask that members email the ASU’s Acting Tasmanian Coordinator, Aaron De La Torre, by email or phone on the details at the bottom of this newsletter if you don’t agree that Debbie should fill this position for any reason. We intend to process her nomination for this position at the close of business Monday 8 July 2019 unless a reasonable amount of feedback is provided to the contrary.

Additionally, if you also work at the council offices or in children’s services and would like to nominate to fill the other delegate position in your workplace we also ask that you make contact with Aaron to advise him of your nomination by close of business Monday 8 July 2019. Full training on paid time is provided by the ASU.

ASU Delegates in the outdoor workforce remain unchanged with Alex Clarke and Brad Smith remaining in their roles as delegates for the members at the depot.

For further information please contact:
ASU Acting Tasmanian Coordinator Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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