Bargaining for your pay and conditions will commence on Tuesday.  Please see an updated log of claims attached here.

It’s not too late to have input into negotiations. To have a say or find out more, you can attend a union meeting on Tuesday 16 February in the Council Chambers at 1pm.

ASU BARGAINING TEAM – will you get involved to protect and improve your pay and conditions at work?

We can’t do it without YOU.  ASU members in bargaining will be relieved from their usual duties for the purposes of negotiations. Meetings are likely to occur on a fortnightly basis commencing from Tuesday 16 February between 1:30 and 3pm. You can commit to bargaining in entirety or seek to appear on claims that are most relevant to you.

Note: You are not required to complete paperwork to nominate as an individual bargaining representative to participate in the ASU bargaining team. In fact, doing so waives your right to take protected industrial action authorised by the ASU if required (as a last resort).

If you are interested in bargaining, contact Sam Batchelor on 0459 228 612 or ASAP. Training is available to those participating in bargaining.

Please circulate this e-mail widely and encourage non-members to join us.  There is no more important time.  Together we can improve and protect your pay and conditions at work.

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