Your ASU bargaining team met with Council management representatives on Tuesday. Council’s offer remains unchanged. A summary of the status of claims can be found here.

Therefore, the offer has not yet reached the wages expectations of ASU members as endorsed at member meetings in June. Please again take the time to read the contents of the overall offer.

We encourage you to attend meetings in your workplace, speak with ASU Bargaining Representatives and Delegates, provide your feedback, and complete the survey below.

Protected Action Ballot
The results from the ballot should be released by the Australian Electoral Commission by the end of the week. An information sheet from the AEC with the list of protected actions can be downloaded here.

If the ballot is successful, the next steps must be decided by you.

To help plan for this, please complete this survey ASAP. Your answers will be kept confidential. 

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
CPI figures that reflect increases in the cost of living have just been released for the June 2021 quarter. CPI for the year to June was 3.8% nationally and 3.6% in Hobart.

The main contributors to the increase in Hobart were fuel (+9.1%), new homes (+2.6%), and rents (+1.6%)

More details:

Council’s wage offer for 2021 is: the greater of 2.25% or the March 2021 CPI (1.1%) paid from 1 July 2021 (including back pay)

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What is Industrial Action and who can participate?
For answers to your questions, click here.

For further information please contact:
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