The ASU has been advised that a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) has been sent to employees at Derwent Valley Council. This signifies the official start of the bargaining process for a new enterprise agreement to replace your 2018 agreement. Your current agreement expires on 31 December this year but will continue to operate until such time as employees vote in favour of an alternate agreement and the Fair Work Commission approves it.

The NERR asks employees to nominate to be bargaining representatives for the agreement negotiations. We strongly encourages members to get involved. We usually ask our Delegates to be there and have other members who wish to nominate as ASU bargaining representatives along as well.

Importantly, you DO NOT need to nominate as an Employee Bargaining Representative if you are an ASU member. Nominating as an Employee Bargaining Representative removes the Union as your bargaining representative. If you wish to be involved in bargaining please get in touch with an ASU Delegate or contact us at the ASU to let us know.  We will notify your employer that you are bargaining as part of our team.

For more information, or to nominate yourself for bargaining, please contact Aaron De La Torre at or on 0427 813 821.


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