Please see attached here the release of the Protected Action Ballot outcome, which was unsuccessful on paper. But all is not lost.

Members at childcare returned their ballots via express post but they have not reached the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) interstate for counting, taking a remarkable 7 days to move (tracking status here). Had they arrived in time for the count, we expect the ballot reserving the right to take action would have received overwhelming support.

We could take the opportunity to vent about the fact that there is no longer an Australian Electoral Commission office based in Tasmania and the outrageous postal times, however, let’s save that breath and focus on staying united in our resolve for fair wages and conditions.

Notwithstanding this, we have also sought more information on the 5 ballots that the AEC rejected for counting as that also made the difference between the vote outcome on the ballots that did make the journey in time.

What this vote outcome does show is that at least 89% of voters were supportive of taking action if we are unable to reach a satisfactory outcome in relation to the overall offer. They are strong numbers and should have Council on notice regardless.

Our intention is to apply to Fair Work to conduct another ballot and ensure members votes can be captured.

We have written to Council’ management and asked them to consider the outcome as it stands and the release of the most recent Hobart Consumer Price Index, urging them to improve the offer and resolve these negotiations.

We will be in touch with details of another ballot; or hopefully an improved offer.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor |

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