Following the success of your ballot to reserve the right to take industrial action, the ASU wrote to Council to seek an update on an improved offer.

We have been advised that a consultant has been engaged but we have not received details of an improved offer or any update on the contract and underpayment issues that are outstanding.

Today, we formally advised Council of the intent to take industrial action next week if negotiations cannot be resolved.

The ASU bargaining team will be available to discuss a plan for action with members across your workplace this week. For more information contact your local ASU bargaining representative or ASU Organiser, Sam Batchelor:

To participate in industrial action, you must be a member of the ASU. Encourage any colleagues who aren’t yet members to join today and stand with you for fair pay and conditions.

What is Industrial Action and who can participate? For more information, click here.

Stay tuned.

Together we win!

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