A central element to all of the claims of the Essential Not Expendable campaign is the demand for improved employment security.

Thanks to all the members who have already completed the ASU’s insecure work survey.

The impacts of insecure work on your lives, jobs, and clients will provide the strongest arguments for employer and policy commitments to improve employment security. If you haven’t already completed the survey take the time to do so now via https://tinyurl.com/3d329kku

The survey is open to all employees across the sector, so please share the link at work and encourage your colleagues to complete the survey.

Our preliminary survey results point to the considerable impact that insecure work has on employees capacity to ask for fairer pay with almost 80% of respondents identifying it as a barrier to a large or significant extent.

While unsurprising, quantifying the impact is important for ASU advocacy for members. It’s clear that there is widespread awareness of the detrimental impact of insecure work on client relationships, commitment to program outcomes and staff resources due to the constant need to train news staff.

Respondents are broadly critical of funders and policymakers inaction on insecure work with 94% of respondents not feeling unsupported or protected. Greater funding and training for the sector is a common request from the respondents.

Winning campaigns and successful advocacy are supported by good data – do your bit today and complete the survey: https://tinyurl.com/3d329kku

If you haven’t already held an ENE campaign meeting in your workplace, contact the ASU to organise one today info@asuvictas.com.au

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