Your ASU Delegates and Organiser attended the bi-monthly Consultative Committee meeting last week and raised questions about the impact of the new Improving Behaviours Policy on the COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Delegates raised concern that the 3 months leave (either unpaid or from pre-existing leave accrual) for people not complying with the requirement to be vaccinated, could leave teams without the required staffing level to both continue business as usual, and to allow other staff to take leave.

As a result, management agreed to take on the work of drafting a position to manage the impact of leave taken by staff choosing not to be vaccinated. The ASU agreed wholeheartedly with management when they stated ‘It would be really unfair for this to impact the leave of those who are vaccinated or exempt from the vaccination requirement’.

If you have a leave application rejected based on staffing levels over the next 3 months, get in touch with delegates Michelle Maggi or Matt Leehane, who will support you to query the reasons for rejection.

If your colleagues aren’t already in the union, they won’t have the support of Delegates to challenge decisions like rejected leave applications. Let them know and encourage them to join online via

No delegate at your site? Why not put your hand up to be a Delegate today? Contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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