We are incredibly proud to be ASU delegates at Carers Victoria. Our motivation stems from our passion to represent our members and win fair conditions for our industry.  Together we strive to help people understand their rights regarding workplace conditions and employee rights.  We have a long history of strong membership at Carers Victoria and amazing past delegates who won our first EBA back in 2000!

Together we work to raise awareness of the strength in being Union to help employees understand what the Union represents.  We have taken the opportunity to provide an all-staff meeting with information about our union movement’s proud history, including its 8 hours a day win and have encouraged members to recruit, talking about the value of Union membership. Unions can be misunderstood that’s why we need strong delegates in all workplaces!

As a collective, we have learned the importance of increasing awareness of our working conditions – if people understand their entitlements, we can build on them!

We have learned that often there is a disparity between management and workers perspectives on what is ‘reasonable and fair’. We are refining our negotiating skills advocating on behalf of employees to help management understand workers’ perspectives. We also understand the importance of transparent, open and regular communication with our employer representatives.

It’s important to build membership prior to there being a big issue. People should be proud to be Union because of what it means to stand with a collective in good times and bad. When the bad times come, then you are ready to hit the ground running. When asking people to join the union,  remember that you are asking for their benefit! We have delegated jobs to members so they can support our work as delegates and to create a team approach; members feel included and part of the process.

We know we can make a difference through a collective approach and with the support of union members.

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