Delegates across councils in Victoria have unanimously decided to pressure councils to offer Home Care Packages in an effort to boost hours and prevent clients from being forced over to the private sector.

Last week a letter and a briefing paper were sent by the ASU to all councillors in Victoria representing councils with aged care asking them to commit their CHSP services till 2023 and beyond, commit to providing Home Care Packages, and to consult with the community around any changes – as required under section 55 of the Local Government Act 2020. We will be running a webinar with interested councillors in the coming months on the benefits of becoming a Home Care Package provider.

Home carers working independently need places where they can connect with their colleagues and others in the industry, especially during COVID-19. The ASU set up the Facebook group #LocalGovCares to do just that, but it’s time to hand over the reins to members to run!

If you want to be part of connecting local government aged care workers together and love the work you do, contact ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer. We are looking for a small group of people to run #LocalGovCares which already has 117 members! No experience running a Facebook group is required, you just need to have a Facebook account. Mentoring will be provided.

To keep your important work in council sign the pledge here and pass it on!

Unionism is your strength. Encourage your colleagues to join the ASU online today via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | 0490 450 169 |

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