The ASU has been working with other unions to arrange for the Gender Equality Commissioner, Dr Niki Vincent to provide you with an online briefing as a delegate working at a designated entity covered by the Gender Equality Act.

DATE: Thursday 19 August
TIME: 2pm – 2.30pm

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We urge you to attend if you can. To support your attendance, the Commissioner has written to your employer to remind them that consultation with employee representatives is a requirement under the Act and asking that delegates be released on paid time to attend the briefing.

The ASU also wrote to relevant contacts at your Council seeking paid time release for your attendance, along with a request for information regarding what has occurred in your council to date (see attached).

You must be consulted
Under the Act, your council:

  • Must, in preparing their Gender Equality Action Plan, take into account the gender equality principles; and
  • Consult with the governing body of the entity, the employees, employee representatives and any other relevant person.

Steps you can take at work

  • Come to the consultation on 19 August at 2pm
  • Get informed: check out this Fact Sheet and specific guidance for local government from the Commissioner
  • Contact the relevant management representative and request information and your inclusion in upcoming discussions in developing Council’s assessments and plans
  • Discuss the approach you want to take with your fellow ASU delegates at your next ASU delegates committee meeting
  • Get input from your members about what they want to see change: put gender equality on the agenda for consultative committees, member’s meetings and HSR meetings
  • If you are at the start of or preparing to bargain a new EBA, check out this factsheet to help with a new clause to support this work
  • Facing resistance? Check out this tool to help you
  • Ask for help: contact your organiser or email for more guidance on what steps are right for your workplace

Want more?
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For more information on the Gender Equality Act (2020) click here.

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