ASU Delegates and Members at VACCA recently had a great win.

Years after the Portable Long Service Scheme came into effect, VACCA has finally confirmed that all of their staff will now be registered for the scheme.

Having only registered a small number of their staff, VACCA management received a large number of queries from ASU Members and Delegates seeking information about why they hadn’t been registered for the scheme. For the last few years, VACCA took the position that the scheme was only intended to cover frontline workers, and the definition of ‘frontline worker’ they were using was extremely limited!

Having made all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue through discussion with their employer, Delegates linked up with the ASU Branch, who met with the Portable Long Service Authority about VACCA and other employers who we believed were not complying with the governing legislation. Over the course of multiple follow-up calls, the Authority advised that VACCA had been directed to comply with the scheme and register all staff doing any community service work, including those supporting, supervising and managing that work.

This brilliant outcome came about only because ASU Members and their Delegates stood up for their entitlements and those of their colleagues.

To check how many workers your employer has registered for the Portable Long Service Scheme, go to

If your employer is mucking around with your portable long service entitlements, or any other entitlements or rights, get your workmates together, sign them up to the ASU at and set up a meeting with your ASU Organiser to start strategising.

If you have questions about your rights at work, or who your ASU Organiser is, contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570  or

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