Home and Direct Care workers at Frankston City Council have been frustrated with not being able to bring-forward client appointments when there is a cancellation earlier in the day.

This has meant rather than assisting clients in the local community, dedicated council carers have been looking for ways to fill gaps created by cancellations.

Frankston City Council management unwilling to do look at ways the frustration of carers could be addressed. However, ASU delegates, Wendy Thomas, Gillian DeJong and Nerina Dean were determined to find a solution to this long-standing problem.

They had many ideas to bring to the table and they put forward such a good proposal that Frankston City Council management finally agreed to implement a trial.

Their common-sense solution, that will be trailed for 3 months, is for carers, after getting permission from the office, to contact their suitable clients to request their appointment time be brought forward.

This is a significant win for members that will hopefully lead to a long-standing practice of members being trusted to know their clients and when it is appropriate to bring appointments forward.

Congratulations go out to the delegates for their persistence and willingness to work towards a proposal that suits all involved!

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