ASU members know who to turn to when there’s issues at work – their ASU delegates! 

Auditors in the Quality Assurance team went to delegate Joe Mangiafico to discuss their pay level a while back, and as a result of Joe’s advocacy, they’ve recently gone up from a Level 2 to a Level 3!  

In Joe’s words: 

‘ ASU members (auditors) were absorbed into the Quality Assurance team from another team, at Level 2. After a few years they requested to be raised to the same level as the other auditors who were on level 3. They reached out to me early this year to see how the ASU could assist in getting their pay level increased.  

‘I emailed HR to find out why they hadn’t been made Level 3 and provided a list of competencies in comparison to the other auditors’ competencies. I advised HR that I found that they were at least on par with the other auditors.’ 

Also, during the CWW and WW merge, auditors from WW were absorbed into the same team and came across as Level 3. So again we reached out to HR and the manager of asset integration to question the delay and explain the disparity between the auditors’ pay. After a week they’d reviewed the situation and found that all auditors should be on Level 3!’ 

Brilliant work Joe! 

If you have an issue at work, get in touch with your ASU delegates. 

If you’ve got colleagues who aren’t yet in the ASU, you can share this email with them so that they can join at  

You can also contact your ASU organiser Tim Sullivan with questions or comments on 0475 888 168 |   

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