Walter is an Alcohol and Other Drugs Outreach Worker at one of our ASU delegates at Youth Support & Advocacy Service (YSAS).

Karrie Bowe, organiser for the Child Youth and Family and Family Violence sectors interviewed Walter for this delegate profile.

KB: How long have you been doing this work?
WD: I’ve been working in this and similar roles for over ten years.

KB: How long have you been involved in the Union Movement?
WD: I’ve been involved in the Union Movement for over 40 years.

KB: How did that start for you?
WD: I had been raised and always had a feeling for social justice when I was young due to growing up in a political family

KB: Can you tell me about what it was like for you growing up in Scotland and how this led to you union involvement?
WB: I was born just outside Glasgow, went to school in Glasgow, then left school at 15 and went to work on building sites in various construction jobs till I was 20.

I moved to London and trained as a printer where I worked for around 8 years. I was always a member of the appropriate trade union. During this time I was involved in the yearlong Wapping Printers Dispute 1986-7 against Rupert Murdoch where I was on the picket lines.

Following this, I moved to New Zealand and worked as a printer there before moving to Australia, again working as a printer.

As printing was on the decline and I had always had an interest in social justice, I went to university and studied youth work and community development. Following completion of my studies I started work in AOD residential services then moved to outreach roles. I started work at the Salvos (then) Berry Street with children in out of home care for 3 to 4 years before starting work at YSAS.

KB: How long have you been an ASU Delegate?
WB: Around 9 Years.

KB: If you could say anything to your union comrades what would it be?
WB: Read Trotsky!

If we don’t continue to fight for the conditions we have, we’ll be repeating the past. I want to support a fairness in society that I don’t believe exists at the moment.

Thank you to Walter for being an outstanding delegate.

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