Wal St Clair joined the ASU in 1999 and became a delegate shortly after. Wal was a mobile library operator and spent considerable time on the road. Despite this, Wal represented members across all areas of the Council as well as sitting on the staff consultative committee.

Wal has been an important part of the ASU negotiating team for enterprise agreements, is a wealth of knowledge, and has been a valuable source of information for ASU Organisers.

Wal is committed to social justice and justice in general. He has supported gender equality and opposed bullying, sexism and racism.

Wal has endeavoured to hold management to account, as much as the Fair Work Act will allow us.

Despite working in a hostile environment, Wal has refused to be silenced and often put the interests of the union ahead of his own.

We wish him the best in his well-earned retirement.

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