Stuart Bucknell – Launceston City Council

In Stuart’s own words.

First union I joined was the AMWEU back in 1989 when I left the military and was still on the tools.  The labourers on the site were the old FEDFA being run by Mike Grey.  They were hard boys and not to be messed with, but staunch when it came to supporting us in industrial action.

Changed jobs and went to Bell Bay where I joined the FIA.  Spent two years there as a delegate.  This was before EBA’s so we were negotiating an award.  It was also before OH&S so a lot of the union work was around safety.

Gave the tools away and went to university, studied industrial relations and employment law as part of a Commerce degree.

Joined the ASU in 2003 when I started with the council.  Became a delegate in 2004.

My first EBA negation was back in 1992 on the state based system.  Since joining Council I’ve been involved in 8 EBA negotiations as they have the Aquatic on a separate agreement.

Union membership is as important now as it ever was.  We’ve got the most draconian industrial laws in the western world and numbers are the only way to change this.

People need to be made aware that the terms and conditions of employment that they take for granted were fought for, at time in the literal sense, by organised labour.

These conditions are under constant threat from a management elite that take all the rewards and none of the risk.

“They needn’t say the fault is ours if blood should stain the wattle”

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