This month we feature an ASU stalwart, a delegate for nine years and a Civil Engineer for the past 40 years

As a Delegate at Glenorchy City Council, Stefan’s focus has been on supporting individual members, negotiating with management and collective enterprise bargaining.

Stefan says that employees at GCC have had to endure some torrid times over recent years.

This includes a flawed and failed enterprise bargaining process, the loss of 15 middle and senior managers through a Council-wide restructure, significant delays in resuming enterprise bargaining, sacking of the Council with an administrator appointed, investigations into and loss of two senior managers (including the GM). And now, just when things appeared to be on the improve, the significant effects of a pandemic. Long term employees, in particular, have been ever so resilient in the face of this turmoil.

Throughout all these issues, Stefan has worked to ensure that management respect employees, enter into negotiation and consultation and abide by the enterprise agreement. All the time with ASU organisers by his side.

But Stefan has some news to share.

“I really can say I’ve enjoyed the experience and its challenges. It is, however, time to advise that I will be finishing up at the end of the year – and moving into the retirement phase of life. Since all ASU members at GCC have a personal interest in protecting and improving their working conditions and standard of living and given there are currently some “dark clouds” about, it’d be great to now see a new generation of ASU delegate represent colleagues into the future.

“So I’m calling on members with a little passion to continue my legacy – and put their hand up for these very important roles by contacting our ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor, or myself, in the first instance.  – Your, and your GCC colleagues’ futures depend on it.

“Stay safe – and bye for now.”

ASU members and officials will miss Stefan and his active role within the union.

We wish him well for the future and thank him for his commitment to our union.

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