My name is Simon Lund and have been a member of the Union movement for approx. 20 years.  I am currently a Technical Officer with The Country Fire Authority in Victoria and also previously served in the ADF.

I am currently a Delegate with the New ASU Fire Emergency Services Group which has only just been established in the last couple of months.

The reason we started this new group was that we needed to have representation that would work industry-wide and not role-specific as all roles in Emergency Services both incident and support are critical to their operation.

It takes a lot of hard work by all members at an Incident and in the background to deal with emergencies.  we also need to have the representation that would respect our ideals and understanding as we deal with not just paid emergency service staff but also supporting volunteers.

We want our employers to respect and recognise all members within Fire and Emergency Services and their contribution to the safety of the community.  The ASU Fire Emergency Services Group is about ensuring that we can communicate the requirements needed by our members to ensure that they can perform their roles whether Support or Incident with the appropriate training, tools, resources and support.

With these requirements, we can ensure all incident and support staff both paid and volunteer are able to ensure the safety of themselves and the public that they serve.

I have had so much support from my colleagues in Fire and Emergency Services and want to thank them for their support.  I would like to also thank the Staff at the ASUVICTAS and our Repetitive Matt Price for the fantastic support especially in the last couple of months with the Fire Service Reform Issues and Changes with have had to deal with here in Victoria.


Simon Lund
ASU Fire Emergency Services Group

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