Rifat Gedik (Rif) is a Local Area Coordinator with Brotherhood of St Laurence in Melton.

Rif began his career with Brotherhood of St Laurence in June 2018, he was aware of the Union earlier in his career however wasn’t sure he needed to be a member.

Rif was especially interested in the ASU as he felt he had the choice to join and did not feel forced.

Rif says “In my previous profession, I wasn’t given an option but it was more demanded of me and that made me feel that my choice was taken from me. I now know that with the ASU this is not the case.

I have always felt that I wanted to speak up and that is exactly what I do now thanks to becoming a Delegate with the ASU.”

Recently Rif was asked to join a working group, working with the ASU, management and other staff regarding the introduction of Accrued Days Off.

It was there that Rif gained first-hand understanding of why it was important to join the ASU and what a union does to improve the lives of its members.

After a 2 year campaign by delegates, the working group is proud to achieve the introduction of accrued days off for all BSL employees, excluding aged care and social enterprises.

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