Rick has been working at ERMHA 365 for over three years as a Support Facilitator.

He joined the ASU about a year into his employment at ERMHA after being approached by an active delegate.

Rick hadn’t realised that the ASU existed or was active in the workplace but coming from a construction background, he has always been involved in union activities and believes strongly in the union’s role in a workplace.

He became a delegate about a year after this. Frustrated with workplace issues, Rick approached another active delegate and was told that the best way to fix something is to be part of the solution! As a result, he was elected both as a delegate and an HSR.

Rick has been an extremely active and engaged delegate ever since. He has enjoyed meeting everyone at ERMHA and getting to see the union members become more engaged and work better as a team.

Rick has learned new skills including advocacy and enjoys representing ASU members, particularly those who are too shy or nervous about speaking up for themselves.

The best part of his ASU involvement for Rick is that he can see things slowly improving at ERMHA. Rick thinks that ERMHA is becoming more consultative and improving as a workplace as it realises that workers are unionised and will come together and stand in solidarity.

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