Over the last six and a half years at Melbourne City Mission, Marita Hagel has worked in a variety of roles and currently works as a Youth Coach in the detour program located in Braybrook.

She has been a dedicated ASU delegate at her workplace for just over two years. Her passion for the role comes from her commitment to a fairer and more equitable society.

The core of her workplace activism is about making sure the rights of members are understood, protected, and respected. Marita also works to recruit new members to our union and identifies potential ASU Delegates across Melbourne City Mission.

Marita’s activism extends well beyond her workplace, to campaigning to Save Equal Pay.

When ASU members won Equal Pay, state and federal governments set aside special funds to cover our new higher rates of pay. This guaranteed funding until this year.

Without a commitment to funding Equal Pay, our sector faces a massive funding shortfall of over $500 million which will impact over 100,000 jobs and many essential services.

Marita’s involvement includes altering her workmates to the campaign and lobbying politicians.  She has also looked for ways for Melbourne City Mission to get involved and play a part in securing the future of the sector.

She is also acutely aware of the endemic gender pay inequities across society and in the Community Sector. She brings this knowledge to the ASU Women’s Network that identifies and develops strategies to address issues that confront women.

Marita stands up and stands out as an ASU Delegate, by her tireless commitment to her fellow ASU members.

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