Hi. My name is Leonie Davey and I recently became an ASU Workplace Delegate at Mind Australia.

I have worked virtually full-time for over thirty years in the community services and education sectors.

I was very actively involved in the Australian Education Union (TAFE Branch) in the 1990s. I have always had a strong commitment to the union movement and the rights/needs of working people.

When our last delegate resigned and was looking for someone to take over his role, I felt compelled to jump in. In this current environment, not just because of the pandemic, but also because of the increasing move towards corporate managerial styles in the human services arena, I am worried.

I worry that the industrial conditions of workers on the ground are being eroded and the voice of lived experience of delivering services is not always respected or understood. Interesting times!

My goal as a delegate is to represent the voice and needs of employees, and ensure organisational leaders respect and consult with employees.

If we value employees and treat them well, it is much more likely that the clients they serve will be treated well. This is the ultimate goal.

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