Lee-Anne Crans will be a familiar face to many.  A former Anna Stewart Memorial  Program participant, she is one of our most active and effective delegates across the ASU and a highly valued member at Origin Energy along with her fellow delegate Lily Romano.

Lee-Anne stepped up as a delegate in her workplace seven years ago having witnessed the troubles encountered by her fellow workers at the Origin Call Centre.  Completing her training, she was immediately an active and highly effective representative being involved in enterprise bargaining, recruitment of new members and in representing her fellow members in all manner of workplace disputes. Lee-Anne has a deft touch in dealing in disciplinary and performance matters, having gained very successful employment outcomes and large settlements for many fellow members and is a trusted source of advice to her fellow workers at Origin.

Over the years Lee-Anne has earned the respect of not only her colleagues and ASU staff but that of her employer and their HR department, who know her to be a strong advocate and stalwart defender of members’ rights. Lee-Anne is also known for her considerable common sense, a down to earth and straight dealing manner as well as a decidedly cheeky sense of humour, something that has come in useful over the years as an advocate.

In addition to her work as a workplace representative, Lee-Anne is also active as a workplace Health and Safety Representative and an active member of the ASU’s branch structure as both a National and Branch Conference delegate.

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