This month’s Delegate profile comes from Jenni Hickey from City of Hobart. Jenni has been a member of the ASU since 2003, shortly after gaining employment as an Administrative Officer and has been an ASU Delegate for almost four years.

Jenni says that her union beliefs were drilled into her from a young age by her parents. They always encouraged her to become a union member so she would have protection and support within the workplace.

“I decided to become a Union Delegate so I could fight for the rights of my fellow members and employees with a commonality towards fighting against injustices and prejudices” she says.

“During my time as a Union Delegate I have attended rallies supporting many issues including the International Women’s Day March.  To see the camaraderie and unity between members and union staff supporting all workers is nothing short of amazing”.

Jenni has attend two ASU Branch Conferences, was awarded the ASU’s Tasmanian Bracknell Award for outstanding service to ASU women, attended countless ASU Active Member Forums and Unions Tasmania events as well as the Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference where she had the opportunity to meet many strong and amazing women.

Jenni says that the Union family is very supportive and welcoming and there are many opportunities to come together and share information and experiences to further build on our fight for unity, solidarity and fair work conditions for all.

After experiencing enterprise bargaining at City of Hobart, Jenni says “there is clear evidence that fully unionised workplaces achieve better outcomes, and being part of the Union gives me a sense of achievement to be able to fight for the rights of union members and other employees”.

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