Jane values the important role the ASU plays beyond individual workplaces – delivering big changes that improve working people’s lives and the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Jane was inspired to step up as an ASU delegate at Intouch by her colleague and long-term ASU delegate, Naime Cevik. Jane was new to the family violence sector and hadn’t been a union member.

Through Naime’s advocacy and education in the workplace, Jane understood there were workplace and sector conditions that were under threat and needed to stay.

Jane says her delegate experience was much better than she imagined and union office and co-delegate support was there for her every step of the way.

Through participation in enterprise agreement bargaining and consultation around major workplace changes Jane learned technical skills.

She saw how to transfer her existing advocacy skills to strongly advocate for the rights of herself and other ASU members.

Jane has recently moved into a new senior role within the sector and is already being approached about mentoring others who want to become more active in the union.

While Jane says she would absolutely become an ASU delegate again, she thinks it might be time for her to continue to build union power through mentoring others as delegates.

The ASU thanks Jane and Naime for their contribution to building workplace power!


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