We asked Jackie, ASU Delegate at YSAS, to talk us through her experience as a delegate. Here’s her story:

‘I’ve been a delegate since September last year and at YSAS for 15 years as an AOD worker.

Surviving the pandemic has been tough but getting involved with the Union and becoming a delegate has helped, especially as the working landscape changes, and being able to support, represent and advocate for staff rights has added meaning to my job. Also having a therapy bunny has helped!

Being a delegate has increased my confidence in understanding policies and procedures and speaking to the rights of employees and workplace issues. Being a voice for employees is extremely powerful, whilst raising awareness of the power of the union to address issues.

The best part of being a Union delegate is the ongoing learning and skill development and having a really supportive and effective Union team behind me. Being able to consult and negotiate between the ASU, staff and YSAS executives, has helped me gain more understanding of the internal workings and systems of a workplace, and the role I can play. And as a bit of a nerd, I enjoy highlighting sections of Acts and policies!

I would encourage members to become delegates as there’s strength in numbers, and the more delegates on board, the more power we have to make real change. For me, it has enhanced both professional and personal development. I feel coming out of the pandemic, it will be more crucial than ever to have increased numbers as we negotiate return to work, flexible working arrangements and EBA’s.

Everyone has a vested interest!

Want to discuss becoming a delegate? Touch base with the Member Contact Centre: 1300 855 570 | info@asuvictas.com.au

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