Hi, my name is Gaby Bruning, and I have been an ASU delegate for just under a year. Advocacy is an important part of who I am, and the union allows me to continue that work.

It’s taken me a long time to find my voice, but now I have you can’t shut me up!

I work at the Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR) at North Richmond Community Health Centre, where I am an ASU delegate, and the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation where I am an active ASU member. I have worked in the Social and Community Sector for about six years.

I have worked at MSIR for two years, since the beginning of the trial. It has been a huge learning curve and ultimately a really rewarding experience being part of such groundbreaking work.

I had always been a union member in previous jobs, and when I started working at MSIR I joined the ASU.

In 2019 we began lobbying for permanent part-time contracts for casuals as well as other better conditions as workers. The ASU got more involved at MSIR, and it became obvious that we needed some delegates. Because I like advocating for people, I put my hand up.

I really like being an ASU member because I know we’re supported internally by our fellow members, and also externally have the back-up of the ASU office.

I always have someone to bounce ideas off and we know we’re not alone.

During COVID-19, things have been extremely fast-moving with lots of changes happening at MSIR.

We have had to be very flexible and resilient and it has been so good knowing the ASU is there if we need it.

In my future work as an ASU delegate, I want to continue advocating for better conditions for MSIR staff, so in turn, we can provide an even better service for our vulnerable clients.

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