Doc has been a union member for his whole working life, and he’s also an ASU a delegate at Gippsland Water.

Like so many ASU members in the water industry, he has been working right through the pandemic, making sure the water keeps coming out of our taps.

If you call the water authority, then Doc & his crew head straight out to your place to fix the problem and make it safe. Some days he digs a hole, jumps in, fixes the pipe and then water comes on again at your place.

Other days he inspects assets and prevents breakages or other problems. He works on call and can sort out problems 24/7. Storms, floods, accidents you name it he has fixed them all.

Even when he is on smoko, he will sing out and ask a workmate to join the union.

Doc has things right when he says to workmates, “You’d be mad to go into a meeting by yourself. I tell all the crew, ‘just sing out and we will be by your side’”

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