Name: David Trevorrow

Job title: Operations and Executive Assistant

Employer: Victorian Student Representative Council [VicSRC] (via Youth Affairs Council of Victoria [YACVic])

Length in the sector: 14 months

Union member length: 14 months (from the day I entered the workforce)

Delegate length: 6 months

Why did you join the union?
As a young worker in my first job out of high school, I wanted to be a part of a strong union that could represent my interests as a young worker in the SACS sector and the interests of my colleagues and SACS workers more broadly.

Even back when I was in school I was a keen supporter of the union movement. The work of the Change the Rules campaign, Sally McManus’ media appearances and the ACTU’s social media taught me a lot about how poor the industrial relations laws in Australia are. I wanted to be part of the movement to change them.

Also back in high school, I was very involved in my school’s Student Representative Council (SRC). Many students and teachers see SRCs as a resume building exercise or a token lunchtime activity but I modelled my philosophy of student voice, student representation and student advocacy on the values of the union movement. When I transitioned from school to the workforce, joining the ASU seemed like a natural continuation – being a part of a movement that ensures those with less power can speak up, and stand up, to power to make sure we all are treated fairly.

Why did you step up into the important role as an ASU Delegate?
I stepped up into the role of union delegate in the middle of YACVic’s EBA negotiation. YACVic hadn’t had a union delegate in a long time so it was about time we had one. It was a crucial stage of the negotiation and I wanted to do my part to help bring the strongest possible case to the negotiation table. Chaz (ASU organiser) supported me to take on the role and I joined an incredibly talented and dedicated group of staff members, union members and ASU staff already working hard to achieve the goal of a sector-leading EBA.

What do you enjoy most about the role of a Delegate?
I enjoy being at the forefront of negotiating an EBA. It is an interesting and challenging process that has raised mine and many other staff members’ consciousness of workplace relations and our working conditions.

However, even more than that I enjoy being able to support and represent my colleagues, be the person they can go to if they have any issues in the workplace and being able to find practical solutions.

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