Dave joined the ASU back in 2014 on his first day working in local government.

And he now involves himself in union activity both at his workplace and outside it.

Dave is currently employed as a Youth Development Officer with Burnie City Council. His involvement in consultative committees and in enterprise agreement negotiations across two workplaces led him to become an ASU delegate.

When asked why he was drawn to the role as delegate he said:

“Solidarity is the only weapon we have as working people to improve our lot in life. I moved into community services as a career because I wanted to step up and contribute to the community I live in. It not only improves things for others, but also for me to have a strong community and I want to live in a positive society that has adequate social safety nets. I joined the union for exactly the same reason.”

Dave is impressed with the positive changes that have occurred in the ASU in Tasmania over the past few years. “Not only a strong representation in the workplace when we have needed it, but the broader ASU is fighting strong in broader areas that affect me and my comrades. I’m proud of my union, the ASU.”

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