How long have you worked at the City of Greater Bendigo?
I have worked at the City of Greater Bendigo since July 1 2019, the first day the Bendigo Animal Centre was opened and operated under council. It’s been so great to be a part of a new operation and see how far we have come. BARC (Bendigo Animal Relief Centre) has really made such a positive impact for the community.

Have you been a union member before?
I have been a union member before, working at Coles. This was my first job in such a massive organisation. It was important to me to make sure I had support and someone to go to with questions about my workplace rights. The support is everything from a union!

Why did you join the ASU and become a delegate?
It can be daunting coming into a new workplace that you’re not sure how things operate or what your rights are. It was important to me starting out to have someone there for me, so I joined the ASU and became a delegate so I could be that supportive person within the workplace, and be there for others.

What do you hope to achieve as a delegate?
As a delegate, I hope to be a new voice and someone people can feel they can go to if they need. Even though being a part of the enterprise agreement and a new delegate is all very new to me I am willing to learn as much as I can and learn from other delegates around me. Already I have felt the support of so many which makes me really feel part of such a great team and union.

What would you like to see achieved in the enterprise agreement?
Within the enterprise agreement the main thing I would like to see achieved is getting the word out for BARC. The reason I decided to become an employee representative was so that BARC could be recognised for the work that we do out here. Even if it is one thing that we get in the enterprise agreement, it will be nice to say I did that and people have a better understanding of BARC.

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