Brett Thompson has been a delegate at Lend Lease Coliban for ten years. Lend Lease Coliban is not the typical ASU member workplace – a large multi-national corporation as the employer, outsourced from a public sector water authority.

Originally direct employees of Coliban Water, these members now work for an employer that seeks to cut costs at every opportunity.

Despite this, and largely thanks to Brett’s efforts, ASU membership remains very high, and the union plays a strong and active role in ensuring decent working conditions.

Brett has been a part of 3 Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations.

He says that the highlight of his time as a delegate would have to be when at the last EA negotiation we managed to get a 3.75% pay rise out of Lend Lease. Brett attributes this to three key factors:

  • 94% union membership on site
  • full backing from ASU organisers and the ASU branch,
  • all of our members are a solid strong bunch who don’t give up!

Brett has been a tireless campaigner as a delegate and has never shirked an opportunity to stand up for his workmates.

Thank you Brett!

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