Bianca joined the ASU when she started work at Qantas in their Contact Centre in Hobart and became a delegate soon after.  And recently she was elected as the Youth member on the union’s Branch Executive.

When asked why she was drawn to the role of delegate she said “I’ve always had a passion for change, we have a strong union presence in our workplace who have done fantastic things already and I wanted to help contribute to that. The branch executive role has allowed me to expand my horizons and not only help myself and my colleagues but be more involved in the union”.

She said that she loves being able to support her friends and colleagues at work during stressful times and having a voice to see positive change occur.

Bianca believes that “young people need to be more involved, now more than ever”. She also thinks we need to make sure we leave decent conditions for the next generation so we need to work hard to achieve good outcomes today.


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