Benn Snell is an Asset Officer at the Loy Yang Power Station and he’s been there for 12 years.

The Draft Plant (where Benn works) includes precipitators and fans. Every day Benn and his crew take a long term holistic view of plant to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently over the life of the power station. He has to make sure it works within parameters to prevent breakdown. His priority is safety, Benn wants to make sure that no one is hurt.

Benn was recruited to the union by a retired old-school workmate Dave Fyfe who had been at Loy Yang for a long time – maybe even from when it started operation.

His reason for being a delegate is the best of all – he thinks it’s important to try and help out. And he wants to improve the morale of his workplace.

Things are different because of the pandemic and Benn’s working from while some others are working split shifts. ASU members at Loy Yang are feeling safe at work, but he hasn’t taken his eye off the ball and participates in regular Covid-19 update meetings and is monitoring the Covid plan at his workplace (it’s a good plan).

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