Anna Stewart has been an ASU member for over 16 years and a delegate in most of her workplaces.

Anna’s strong sense of peoples’ rights, fairness and equality have always formed part of her core values.

Anna recalls members of her family talking about the importance of unions in terms of equalising the power imbalance between employers and employees.

So, she quickly joined the union when first entering the workforce and someone asked her to become a member.

At the time the Howard Coalition Government was working diminish the rights and power of workers.

Anna soon became a delegate, saying that being active in the ASU gave her the opportunity to be part of the collective voice against changes proposed by the Howard Government.

Anna currently works in an organisation that focuses on challenging the underlying attitudes, behaviours, norms and structures shown to drive violence against women.

She creates tools and resources to support practitioners and educators to promote equal and respectful relationships among young people.

Anna has recently become a delegate in her current workplace because there was a need for a member to take on the responsibility and she had fulfilled this role before.

Anna says that some of the benefits of ASU membership are “feeling like you are in a stronger position to advocate for better conditions in your workplace, as well as be part of a movement for workers’ rights more broadly. It’s empowering”

When asked about the highlight of her union membership she says “The hugest highlight was being part of the equal pay campaign. I still cannot believe to this day what we achieved!”

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