ASU Delegates and Officers met with Darebin management last week in regard to concerns about policy changes being undertaken during a declared State of Disaster.

The ASU expressed clearly our concerns that any policy decisions unrelated to Covid19 that directly affects our members should be put on hold until this current pandemic related disaster allowed us a better forum for consultation.

The specific policy discussed at this remote video meeting related to staff with commuter and/or private access to Council owned vehicles. Whilst this policy directly affects only a small percentage of our members, this isn’t the point.

The pushing through of ANY policy unrelated to the current disaster against the express position of our membership is not acceptable. Whilst we did state the policy intent, (designed to mitigate carbon emissions by transitioning to a non fossil fuel based fleet), was something we support in general principle, we stated clearly that this should not mean individual members should lose their current conditions of employment outside of an enterprise bargaining process.

Our position remains unchanged.

Management were again verbally advised of this with absolute clarity yesterday.

We need to discuss this with members directly affected.

We are holding a meeting via MS Teams with affected members to continue these discussions and determine the way forward.

DATE: Tuesday 25 August
TIME: 3.00 pm
MEETING LINK: Join Meeting Here

Please register your interest in attending by emailing by COB Monday 24 August.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley | | 0428 462 285

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