Darebin Executive Management must have learnt some tricks from the Prime Minister’s anti-union bill and recent gagging of the Australian Media, as Darebin are now attempting to gag your ASU Representative group from engaging in agreed Consultation processes.

As we are unable to talk with THEM…We promised THEM a newsletter would go directly to YOU!

Over many months now we’ve seen a multitude of changes at Darebin, there are surveys, ‘Change Journeys’ and lots of prettied up language coming from the top floor at Preston, but it ain’t all good.

Aside from the continuing “change processes”, mass staff exodus, vacant jobs not being filled and an increase in contracted staff, the ASU has experienced an unusually large number of members contacting us about health, stress and bullying issues. This directly coincides with recent Darebin Management tactics which are in breach of your Enterprise Agreement.

In recent months we have not only seen management representatives loose with the truth, we have seen management;

  • Shut down member endorsed topics of conversation at the Consultative Committee.
  • Refuse to provide us with detailed information about contractors and casual staff engagement, backfilling of positions and long term vacancies.
  • Lock us out of consultation on individual member matters.
  • Give the ASU only a few hours notice when informing us about major change or restructuring of jobs.
  • Insist our members’ re-apply for their own jobs through restructuring processes.
  • backpedal on the Enterprise Agreement Superannuation arrangements we negotiated.
  • Fight with us about lawfully documented Allowances rather than investigating the matter collaboratively.
  • Send letters from law firms to ASU headquarters rather than deal with matters with us directly through People & Development.
  • Send Show Cause termination letters to workers suffering at home because of injury or illness by courier, and ignoring our member’s right to choose their own medical treaters for assessment.
  • Promise resolutions verbally, then totally disregard letters sent by the ASU about these same members’ matters when the resolution does not happen.
  • Telling your elected ASU Workplace Delegates they are not able to attend disciplinary or investigation meetings with our members for additional support.

AND…most concerning;

  • Continually ignore our member’s repeated requests to fix documented examples of WAGE THEFT!

“Darebin” proclaims itself to be one of the most politically progressive councils in Australia?

Really? With all this going on that self-proclaimed title is rapidly diminishing! This type of aggressive behaviour at Darebin is unprecedented.

Despite management spending increasingly large amounts of ratepayers money on Lawyers and other assorted anti-worker types fighting us, we will be seeking to get some of these matters listed at the Fair Work Commission in coming months.

We have a strong membership at Darebin and we will collectively oppose any of this anti-worker rot setting in. Please speak to non members and new staff where you get the chance and encourage them to join in the struggle to keep Darebin a great place to work. Place this newsletter on notice boards and lunchroom tables, let’s turn this around. We appreciate our members’ continued support!


For further information please contact: one of your ASU delegate team or
ASU Organiser David Beckley | 0428 462 285 | dbeckley@asuvictas.com.au
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 | smccourt@asuvictas.com.au


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