You said no to council’s pay offer at member meetings, now you need to say no when you vote!

Fast Facts

  1. Your employer is saying backpay from July 2023 is subject to a Yes vote on the EA. Council is prepared to use your backpay as a threat to get you to agree to other terms members don’t agree with (like cutting your rights around resolving workplace disputes and what you can take to Fair Work).
  2. Backpay for most workers is worth $540-$697 (Band 3 – Band 6). This is no small thing, especially when times are tough. But choosing job protection in a good dispute clause (like your current EA) doesn’t come with a price tag!
  3. When most employers threaten backpay, it’s not actually taken off the table down the track. Darebin hasn’t clearly answered the union’s question about what they intend if a No vote gets across the line. So we don’t know if their threat is real. Either way, it’s a tactic that stinks!
  4. Year 1 of the EA wasn’t a negotiated outcome. Council paid it before EA negotiations started and without any negotiation on an amount. The union advised them then that we reserved the right to claim higher if members wanted more, but they have refused to budge.

Darebin Pay Offer:

1 July 2022 – higher of: 1 July 2023 – higher of: 1 July 2024 – higher of:
2% (Band 5B and over) OR 3% – Band (5B and over) OR 2% or 85% of rate cap  OR
$30/wk (Band 5A and lower) $45/wk (Band 5A and lower) $35 or $15/wk for every 1% of ratecap

ASU Pay Position:

1 July 2022 – higher of: 1 July 2023 – higher of: 1 July 2024 – higher of
3% (Band 5B and over) OR 3.5% (Band 3A and over*) OR 3.2%, or rate cap  OR
$45/wk (Band 5A and lower) $45/wk (Band 2C and lower*) $45/wk

(*using ASU Year 1 position)

  • Bands 5A and under: Darebin’s offer is $780 less per year than the ASU position, in Year 1.
  • Bands 5B and over: Darebin’s offer $798-$1345 less per year in Year 1.
  • In Year 2 the position only differ by 0.5% for the % offer.
  • In Year 3 the difference is impossible to predict, as rate cap isn’t decided til Dec 2023.

Make sure you VOTE NO on the EA. Talk to your co-workers and let them know they should too!

We are stronger together! Ask a co-worker to join the ASU today. It’s easy for anyone to join online at

For further information please contact: Your ASU delegate or
ASU deputy branch secretary Tash Wark | | 0418 424 052



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