The ASU wrote to council on October 3 identifying top issues to resolve your EA –

After no reply we followed up on October 12, suggesting times we and the other unions were available to meet.

After no reply again, we lodged an application in the Fair Work Commission to seek that your employer bargain in good faith and respond to each item clearly and with a rationale for their position.

We have a listing time for Monday 30 October for a bargaining dispute and good faith bargaining orders.

We will keep you up to date on the outcomes of that session.

We know your priorities – that you want some certainty and for this process to be complete.

Thank your ASU delegates for their perseverance and hard work on this. And pat yourselves on the back for standing together to get a fair and reasonable outcome. Despite advice from some local area managers/P&C, protected industrial action is still in place, and we know many of you are continuing to use a variety of protected industrial action work bans – keep it up and well done.

You are still legally able to use any protected action already notified, noting any further stopworks require three days’ notice from the union office to council.

Please let the ASU or a delegate know ASAP if you are provided with further direction that the action has “finished”.  It finishes when the EA is resolved or we as the applicant cease action, which hasn’t happened yet.

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Tash Wark | 0418 424 052 |

Strengthen your position as we keep fighting for a better deal – ask a co-worker to join the ASU at

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