Council provided a revised offer on 8 June. The ASU bargaining group prepared before this – we surveyed all members on your priorities on our outstanding claims, see here.

We shared the results transparently, and this list of priorities were provided directly to council.

You indicated strongly if your priorities weren’t met the vast majority of members were prepared to escalate bans (92%), and stop work (over 80%).

Knowing the offer didn’t meet your priorities we advised council action would escalate.

On 9 June, the ASU bargaining group met, reviewed the offer, and agreed it doesn’t meet members priorities. Your priorities have been consistent throughout and we’ve passed these on to council all through the bargaining process.

On 9 June we called council’s representative and advised them the offer doesn’t meet members’ priorities and as the survey said, wouldn’t be voted up.

We’ve raised a number of queries, including an anomaly with pay tables provided, and whether council plans to amend their offer on basis of union feedback. We haven’t yet received responses to those questions.

Council has instead responded with queries about paid time meetings and issued some members letters indicating they will dock wages, which we’re seeking legal advice on. We have repeatedly asserted your claims, including non-financial items.

Council asked to not yet share the offer with staff. We’ve respected this in good faith and kept the offer restricted to the bargaining group, so we can work on details, resolve as many concerns as possible and in hope of positive movement.

We were expecting to be able to share the offer with you yesterday, we’ll keep following this up with your employer. We remain open to receiving improvements on the offer at any time.

  1. What’s happening Thursday 15 June? ASU members will stop work & meet out the front of Preston Town Hall.

    There will be a mass meeting 10:00-11:00 to review the offer and discuss next steps. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the current offer doesn’t meet your priorities and proudly stand by your claims and show how important they are to you!

    At 11:00 we’ll share free pizza
    so those heading straight back to duties get a feed! Please stay as long as possible to show solidarity with members who are stopping work for longer, because they work jobs that require more pack down/travel time.

    Notice to council
    shows actual length of time (travel time to be covered in this period) for different work groups, any break/lunchtime adjacent to official stop work notice is extra.
  2. Will I get my pay docked for attending the stop work?

    Under the Fair Work Act your employer is prohibited from paying you for the duration of a full stop work.
  3. Do I have to tell my supervisor I’m stopping work?

    You aren’t obliged to, because the union office has done this already in a legally compliant format. In some roles, you might feel more comfortable to, for instance CSWs, where client safety is a consideration.
  4. What next?

    This depends on you: members will decide what happens next! Come along to have your say! This could be accepting the offer, amending our position, or deciding to fight on.
  5. Can I be treated adversely for participating?

    The FW Act prohibits adverse action against a person because they take part, or propose to take part in, an industrial activity. This includes adverse action, coercion, misrepresentations, or undue influence/pressure for:

– becoming/not becoming a member of a trade union

– organising lawful activity on behalf of a trade union

– representing a trade union or seeking to be represented by one

– exercising a workplace right (e.g., participating in protected industrial action, or a protected action ballot).

If you witness or experience anything you’re concerned about please alert a delegate or union office ASAP, as penalties may apply.

Only current ASU members have the protection of being covered to participate in this action.

Ask your co-workers to join today at

For further information please contact your ASU Delegate or;
ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Tash Wark | 0418 424 052|

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