There’s been lots happening in the fight to win a better Enterprise Agreement (EA) for Darebin workers. See update on last week’s activities:

Friday Stop work – Member Resolutions
Members from ASU and nurses walked off the job for third time on 21 July.

On request, delegates and officials reported the status of unresolved claims and council’s latest positions to ensure members were across key items to make informed decisions.

Members from both unions resolved to maintain the fight, again rejecting council’s current offer.

Members passed a resolution to seek the CEO attend the next bargaining meeting. Peter declined to attend this week, offering to attend a future meeting “to see if we can move forward together”.

FAQs can be found here.

Further follow-up is underway from the meeting including review of work bans by area and community activities.

Council Meeting Protest Monday 24 July
A staunch crowd of workers and supporters protested out the front of the meeting and questions were asked of councillors.

Community, both ASU and ANMF, and ASU members from other workplaces rallied local solidarity and support for a fairer deal for you.

See Question Time here: (from 13:20 minutes)

Follow-up letter to go to councillors as budget queries weren’t answered. We’re aware of separation between councillors’ and officers’ responsibilities, however, councillors make budget and other decisions that affect workers’ conditions and the CEO is accountable to Councillors. 2024 is an election year folks.

See Minutes here when ready:

EA Meeting Wednesday 26 July
Feedback from the ASU and ANMF was provided on the draft EA to council’s bargaining group.

Some items were rectified on the spot, others are awaiting written confirmation (within next 24 hours).

We meet again with council on August 8, and your delegates in between, to get the draft in best state possible.

Some items now resolved with what we’ve asked: eg Workload Management. Others remain not agreed: eg Wages, Dispute Resolution, Disciplinary and Freezing of Allowances.

Council has verbally indicated a new position regarding your 2023 pay rise:
If a Yes Vote on EA doesn’t get up before 30 September they may change their position on backpay. This has not yet been provided in writing.

We’ll continue with the meeting above, before coming back to members to seek your formal feedback on this position and any other updates, we’ll provide members with a more comprehensive update.

The stop work resolved to keep the pressure up, keep asking others to get involved and join the push for a fairer deal – its quick and easy for workers to join up at

EA Questions? Please ask your ASU delegate or
ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Tash Wark | | 0418 424 052

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