The ASU bargaining group met yesterday to review deidentified survey responses from members on our recent EA survey – big thanks to all who responded and shared this. 

From these results we’ve responded to council’s recent request as here.

This followed a request from council following the no vote, to confirm union members’ priorities to genuinely try to get a revised EA offer across the line. See council’s request here.

We have approached this in good faith, to try to seek resolution for your agreement. 

As put to council in the letter, the union’s position has been informed by the responses provided by our members, and with the caveat that any revised offer must be put to a paid time release members’ meeting. 

In our survey you identified the following: 

  • Pay and disputes were the standout top reasons for both voting no, and would shift to a Yes vote and very close in levels of support 
  • Strong support was indicated for a range of other claims that don’t affect all workers including, on a solidarity basis: unfreezing allowances, casual annual reviews 
  • End of Band was raised most commonly as an additional item that would resolve the impasse 
  • Frustrations with other issues in the workplace and how the bargaining process has been handled, you’d like to see better from your employer in a range of areas, not all to do with this EA process 
  • A strong readiness to keep fighting: particularly around either work bans that don’t compromise pay and further stopworks 
  • Many of you took the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of the bargaining group – which has been passed on to the delegates and is appreciated 
  • Many of you also feedback the importance of conditions and wanting Darebin to be a good place to work where you feel valued and can continue to do work you’re proud of in your community 

We will be in touch with members again as soon as we have a clear way forward – good, bad or otherwise! 

 Remember protected industrial action is still in place, despite advice from some local areas managers/P&C. 

You are still legally able to use any protected action already notified, noting any further stopworks require three days’ notice from the union office to council. 

Please let the union office or a delegate know ASAP if you are provided with further direction that the action has “finished”. 

It finishes when the EA is resolved or we as the applicant cease action, which hasn’t happened yet. 

Questions? Chat to your local ASU delegate or contact Tash | |0418 424 052  

Strengthen your position as we keep fighting for a better deal – ask a co-worker to join the ASU 

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