Fair Work approved our application to run a ballot regarding taking protected industrial action. 


The ballot opens soon and closes Friday 21 April 12:00 midday. 

All votes must be placed by then to be counted! 

How do I vote? 

The ballot will be conducted electronically. 

Members will receive ballot details via email, if you have an active email address on your union record. 

A small number of members have no email address on file and will receive voting information via SMS. 

Please make sure you check your email (or mobile) for your ballot so you can vote. 

How should I vote in the protected action ballot? Vote Yes!! 

The ASU bargaining group recommends that you VOTE YES to take protected action! 

This sends a message to council that their offer is not good enough. 

You will need to place a Yes vote so all activities covered by the ballot are available to all members  


We have spent over seven months negotiating to be offered a pay rise that is 80% of the rate cap. 

Key claims like workload management remain unagreed, or not included in the EA, like isolation leave. 

How do I place my vote? 

Voting is by Internet. You will receive a ‘Ballot Open Vote Now’ email (or SMS) when the voting period begins. 

Voting instructions will be contained in the email with directions to the secured voting portal where you will be provided with a list of voting preferences. 

Got questions about the ballot or action? 

Check here first – Protected Action Fact Sheet: 


Or talk to one of your trusty ASU workplace delegates, or contact Tash twark@asuvictas.com.au 0418 424 052 

Bargaining Dispute Update 

Fair Work Commission is also assisting further on our bargaining dispute. 

We will be returning to the Commission with the nurses union on 19 April and another date TBC to progress requirements directed of council to provide important information behind their bargaining position. We will keep members in the loop on this! 

Not an ASU member?  

Only ASU members can participate in protected industrial action, join today at https://asujoin.asn.au/ 

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
Deputy Branch Secretary Tash Wark | 0418 424 052 | twark@asuvictas.com.au 


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