Thanks to all who made the effort to come along to members’ meetings yesterday.

It was great to see so many members ready to discuss where we are at. Your feedback gave your ASU reps solid grounding to put an alternate position to council. We gave the context that this was no easy process for members.

There are concerns across all areas of membership about stress, morale, and how council continues to both attract and retain workers.

We made it clear members care about the services you provide to your communities and that as well as having fair pay and conditions, you are motivated by looking around you and seeing how other staff and the community is impacted when workers leave.

The revised position below was provided to council representatives today:

  1. Dispute Resolution:
  • Members agree to council’s amendment to the dispute term of the proposed EA, “to include disciplinary matters where a show cause or final written warning is issued”.
  • We relayed members would only agree to this if wording were added that makes clear that where a worker raises disputes like this, the disciplinary process is to pause until the dispute has run its course, including at Fair Work (where the members opt to take it there).
  • Council has agreed in principle to this change and will provide some draft wording to the unions.

    2. Pay:

  • Year 1 – withdraw claim
  • Year 2 – withdraw claim (on basis of back pay on council’s offer of 3% or $45/week is honoured)
  • Year 3 – no change: 3.2% or $45/week

    3. Allowances: no change. Members don’t agree with allowances being frozen
    4. Casual Annual Review: no change. Members don’t agree with the position that casual workers do not have access to paypoint progression
    5. Cleansing Appendix: Hours – discussions continuing
    6. Service Reviews: claim withdrawn
    7. End of Band: claim withdrawn

Council will come back to the ASU and nurses and engineers unions before we got back to Fair Work on Tuesday 21 November.

We will keep you updated!

A massive thanks again to your ASU workplace delegates who have stood proud and solid.

We’re stronger when we’re united. Speak to your colleagues about joining the union to make sure we get the best outcomes possible! It’s easy to join online at

If you’d like further info please contact your ASU delegate or ASU deputy branch secretary | 0418 424 052

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