We want to thank members for their patience while we have been to and froing with council about an amended offer.

Last week, many of you returned survey results that indicated your priority items of your unresolved claims.

Priority Claims
The top priority items in order of strength of support were (ASU claim number):

  1. Pay (2)
  2. Right to safer workplace (22)
  3. COVID/ID Leave & Support (23)
  4. Vacancies, Absences & Workload (40)
  5. Right to Privacy (39)
  6. Transfer of Business (6)
  7. Natural Disaster Leave (24)
  8. Disciplinary Principles (38)
  9. End of Band – we suggested additional annual leave ((41)
  10. No outsourcing (6)
  11. Dispute Resolution (15)
  12. Smoke/Heat (21)
  13. Services Reviews (5)
  14. Labour Hire/Agency (9)

See full log of claims here.

These priorities were shared with council at FWC on Thursday last week to help them make an offer that will meet your priorities.

What Actions are Members Prepared to Take?
You also responded to questions about what you were prepared to do if council did not meet your priority claims:

  • 92% of you are prepared to escalate work bans
  • 88% of you are prepared to strike for 2 hours
  • 83% of you are prepared to strike for 4 hours
  • 80% of you are prepared to strike for a full day

Council is still providing further details regarding their offer, and we want to provide members with complete details when we share what they are offering.

We expect to receive more details today and tomorrow and will discuss this with delegates first, and bring it to members as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we know that the majority of union members are prepared to stand strong behind the claims above.

Only current ASU members have the protection of being covered to participate in this action!
Ask your co-workers to join today at https://asujoin.asn.au/

For further information please contact:
ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Tash Wark | twark@asuvictas.com.au

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