We are calling on all ASU members at HBCC come to the Council Meeting on Tuesday 19 Feb at 6:15pm (for the 7:00pm meeting) to support their fellow workers.

The time is fast approaching for HBCC Councillors to decide the future of home care. Be there to witness their decision.

ASU members have put up a solid campaign and sent a message to Councillors that they should say no to outsourcing essential home care services. Council’s dedicated carers have an uncertain future and we remain concerned for vulnerable residents.

A few concerned community members unaware that the 12 February Council meeting was rescheduled attended the Civic Centre on 12 Feb and met ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin.

About the decision
The ASU believes Councillors need to take stock and pause their decision as there have been significant changes:

  1. In late 2018 the Aged Care Royal Commission was announced,
  2. A federal election will be held soon and may lead to a change in policy and funding
  3. Through our community conversations we have learnt that the community is concerned about the proposed change and unhappy about the lack of consultation
  4. Aged care inquiries consistently point to the need for aged care services to build a committed and experienced workforce, something that your Council has and doesn’t seem to value.

Unfortunately it’s the often voiceless residents and families of Hobsons Bay, and the high value care workforce who will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

There is no cost or risk to Council delaying their decision until a better time. This is the only sensible option. We couldn’t have made this any clearer to decision makers; now it’s up to them to do what they’re elected to do and act in the best interests of the residents.

Special thanks to ASU members, delegates and Councillors who have supported ASU members.

We look forward to seeing everyone that has been involved at Council meeting this Tuesday night.

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