There’s a crisis on the frontline of local government. Years of underfunding by state sand federal governments, together with cost-shifting and rate capping, are having an impact on services and infrastructure right now.

Local government workers and local communities are feeling the impact of service staff cuts, contracting out, failing infrastructure and reduced services.

But the ASU is fighting back. We’ve begun holding workplace meeting and talking to ASU members across regional Victoria and metro Melbourne about the Crisis on the Frontline.

But to give our campaign real impact beyond those who work in local government, we need your stories.

We want to hear stories of how overwork, poor services, labour hire and failing infrastructure are affecting workers and communities.

With the strength of our union and the power of your stories, we can make a difference to the fund of local government in Victoria.

Tell us your story about overwork, poor services, labour hire or failing council infrastructure

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