This morning Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced the easing of COVID-19 related restrictions in Victoria, from 11.59 pm on Tuesday 12 May 2020.  The eased restrictions will be in place until 31 May 2020.

The easing of restrictions may have implications on working arrangements for some ASU members.  Your employer should be developing a plan to address those implications in accordance with relevant guidelines.

Mr Andrews has released a statement and summary of the easing restrictions.  You can read the full statement and summary of easing measures here.

The summary includes the following information that may be relevant to the work of our members:

Workplaces generally

  • Work at home unless not possible. Stay at home if you are unwell.
  • Workplaces should develop a COVID-19 plan in accordance with NCCC guidance and the Safe Work Australia National COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles.
  • Maintain (where possible): physical distancing, 4 square metres per person indoors, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, frequent environmental cleaning & disinfection (particularly for shared workspaces)

Local government non-essential facilities and services (Libraries)

  • Can be used solely as a venue for essential services or a support group with 10 people (see community centres).
  • The operator must keep contact lists per other operators.

Community facilities

Expand permitted operations to be for the purpose of hosting an essential public support service or support group

Where permitted to operate the following requirements apply:

  • Allow 10 people for a support group plus the minimum number of people reasonably required to operate the facility or support group.
  • Density quotient applies.
  • Does NOT include use for the purposes of exercise or sport.

The operator must keep contact lists per other operators. This means people will be able to attend a hall in a small group for

  • parents’ group
  • youth group
  • AA meeting
  • NA meeting
  • alcohol and drugs, family violence and parenting support groups
  • foodbank

Public parks, public playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skate parks

  • Closed
  • Exception for sport, exercise and recreation that can be conducted in the park with max 10 people.

If you have any queries you can contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | | 1300 855 570.

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